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Summer Symposium 2019

The Summer Symposium was held at the Geology Department UZ on 29th November 2019 and attended by 75 members
Welcome - Nevison Chikandiwa-  Geological Society Chair
Official Opening - Forbes Mugumbate -  Director of the Geological Survey
Summary Of The Petroleum Exploration Completed In The Mzarabani Project By Invictus Energy - Brent Barber
Sijarira surprise! Preliminary age data on detrital zircons from the Sijarira Group, western Zimbabwe, reveals an unexpected Antarctica connection - Sharad Master
Superplume versus far-field stress as geodynamic controls on Witwatersrand sedimentation and Ventersdorp LIP magmatism: new insights from south-retreating and north-advancing orogens of 3.1-2.5Ga Kalahari Supercontinent  - Mark Tsomondo
The Great Dyke of Great Treasures and Great Mysteries - Forbes Mugumbate
A new Late Triassic fossil vertebrate assemblage from Zimbabwe - Key to the understanding of the origin of Dinosaurs - Chris Griffin as read by Tim Broderick
The Geology and Historical Importance of the Abanab Vanadium Mine in the Otavi MountainLand (Namibia) - Mark Watts presented by Sharad Master
Some Observations on Pegmatites - Tony Martin
Structural Footprint of Gold Mineralisation in Zimbabwe Greenstone Belts; A case study of Pickstone Peerless Deposit - George Rusike
Tantalite Production in Post Colonial Zimbabwe, 1980 – 2018: Challenges and Prospects - Tafadzwa Gwini
The Geo-Metallurgy of the Arcadia Pegmatite Swarm -  Adam Moodley
An Interpretation Of Magnetic, Gravity And Magnetotelluric Measurements Over The Magondi Circular Magnetic Anomaly Of Zimbabwe - Tenyears Gumede
ScanIT – Optimizing core logging data acquisition - Megan du Plooy
Microseismic monitoring based approach to effective ground control management in unstable underground mines - Paul Matshona
Summary - Tony Martin