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Special Publication 1: Gold 82 - The Geology, Geochemistry And Genesis of Gold Deposits. Proceedings of the Gold 82 Symposium, May 1982. Ed: Foster, R.P. Pubs: A.A. Balkema, pp. 764 - 1984.

Special Publication 2: The Geology Of Belingwe Greenstone belt, Zimbabwe - A Study Of Archean Continental Crust. Eds: Bickle, M.J., Martin, A., Nisbet, E.G. and Orpen, J.L. Pubs: A.A. Balkema, pp. 248 1993.

Special Publication 3: SubSahara Economic Geology. Proceedings of the SSEG Conference, September 1993. Eds: Blenkinsop, T.G. and Tromp, P.L. Pubs: A.A. Balkema, pp. 308 - 1995.


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Subsaharan Economic Geology (GSZ Sp. Pub 3) edited by Blenkinsop and Tromp, 1995Hardback301
Symposium on Granites, Gneisses and Related Rocks (GSSA Sp. Pub 3) edited by Lister, 1973Hardback509
Great Dyke of Zimbabwe (Guidebook for 8th Inat. Pt Symposium) edited by Prendergast, 1998Ringbound47
Interplate Magmatism and Tectonics of southern Africa abstract volumeSoftcover49
Crustal Growth, Surface Processes and Atmospheric Evolution on the Early Earth by Eriksson, 1992Softcover23
Symposium on the Rhodesian Basement Complex (GSSA Sp. Pub) 1968Softcover 
Interplate Magmatism and Tectonics of southern Africa excursion guides  
Great DykeSpirobound36
Limpopo BeltSpirobound22
Alkaline igneous rocks of SE ZimbabweSpirobound21
Ultramafic AssociationsSpirobound60
Mozambique BeltSpirobound32
Gold and nickel mineralisation in Zimbabwean greenstone beltsSpirobound54
Zambezi BeltSpirobound26
Course Notes  
Gold mineralisation in Archaean greenstone belts, by Groves, 1997Spirobound139
Grade is King by VearncombeSpirobound100
Ni-Cu and Platinum deposits by NaldrettSpirobound150
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