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Past Chairmen of the Geological Society of South Africa (Rhodesian Branch) and the Geological Society of Zimbabwe

The Inaugural Meeting of the Rhodesian Branch was attended by 7 Members of the Geological Society of South Africa and chaired by Dr J.W.N. Sharpe on 3rd June, 1960.  It was formally constituted at the request of 20 Members on 29th June, 1960.

1960 - 1961J.C. Ferguson1961 - 1962J.C. Ferguson
1962 - 1963J.C. Ferguson1963 - 1964J.C. Ferguson
1965J.W.N. Sharpe1966J.W.N. Sharpe
1967J.W.N. Sharpe1968G. Bond
1969 - 1970C.A. Gibson1970 - 1971J.W. Wiles
1971 - 1972G. Bond *1972 - 1973C.A. Gibson
1973 - 1974J.W. Wiles1974 - 1975K.A.Viewing
1975 - 1976C.J. Lenz1976 - 1977G. Bond
1977 - 1878K.A. Viewing1978 - 1979J.G. Urie
1979 - 1980E.R. Morrison(Zimbabwe-Rhodesia Branch) 
1980 - 1981C.J. Lenz(Zimbabwe Branch) 

*Professor Geoffrey Bond was concurrently President of the Geological Society of South Africa for 1971-1972.

A resolution for the dissolution of the Zimbabwe Branch was presented to the Council of the Geological Society of South Africa on 28th March, 1981 and the Inaugural Committee Meeting of the Geological Society of Zimbabwe was held on 17th August, 1981 under the chairmanship of J.G. Urie. 

The Founder Members of the Geological Society of Zimbabwe are R.P. Foster, A. Martin, E.R. Morrison, J.G. Urie and K.A. Viewing.  The elected Inaugural Committee for 1981-1982 was I.G. Anderson, T.J. Broderick, C.A. Castelin, R.P. Foster, A. Martin, E.R. Morrison, J.L. Orpen, P.A. Stidolph, V.R.C. Stocklmayer, J.G. Urie, K.A. Viewing and A.N. Ncube (co-opted).

1981 - 1982J.G. Urie1982 - 1983J.G. Urie
1983 - 1984F.C. Böhmke1984 - 1985O.K. Bwerinofa
1985 - 1986T.J. Broderick1986 - 1987A. Martin
1987 - 1988J.D. Kramers1988 - 1989A. Martin
1989 - 1990F.C. Böhmke1990 - 1991E.R. Morrison
1991 - 1992P. Bourhill1992 - 1993T.G. Blenkinsop
1993 - 1994T. G. Blenkinsop1994 - 1995B. Barber
1995 - 1996H. Munyanyiwa1996 - 1997J.L. Orpen
1997 - 1998P.H.G.M. Dirks1998 - 1999M.L. Vinyu
1999K.G. Chenjerai2000H.A. Jelsma
2001E. Muchemwa2002T.J. Broderick
2003A. Pahwaringira2004M.G. Hanssen
2005A. du Toit2006H.N. Gumbo
2007K. Musiwa2008C. Mwatahwa
2009F. Mugumbate2010D. Chatora
2011H. Bouammar2012F. B. Mupaya
2013H.N. Gumbo2014A. du Toit
2015A. Ait-Kaci2016B. Barber
2017M. Mabvira-Meck2018S. Duma

Name in italics indicates that the Member is deceased.

Honorary Life Members

Dr A.C. ColvineProf. K. ErikssonMr E.R. Morrison
Prof. J.F. WilsonDr L.A. ListerProf. R.G. Park
Prof. E.G. NisbetProf. D.L. JonesProf. M.J. de Wit
Prof. J.D. KramersProf. K.A. ViewingMr T.J. Broderick
Prof. T. ZengeniProf. A. H. WilsonDr A. Martin
Mr D.E.H. MurangariDr F. PodmoreProf. T. Blenkinsop
Dr. S. MasterDr. M. Prendergast