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Past Chairmen of the Geological Society of South Africa (Rhodesian Branch) and the Geological Society of Zimbabwe

The Inaugural Meeting of the Rhodesian Branch was attended by 7 Members of the Geological Society of South Africa and chaired by Dr J.W.N. Sharpe on 3rd June, 1960.  It was formally constituted at the request of 20 Members on 29th June, 1960.

1960 - 1961J.C. Ferguson1961 - 1962J.C. Ferguson
1962 - 1963J.C. Ferguson1963 - 1964J.C. Ferguson
1965J.W.N. Sharpe1966J.W.N. Sharpe
1967J.W.N. Sharpe1968G. Bond
1969 - 1970C.A. Gibson1970 - 1971J.W. Wiles
1971 - 1972G. Bond *1972 - 1973C.A. Gibson
1973 - 1974J.W. Wiles1974 - 1975K.A.Viewing
1975 - 1976C.J. Lenz1976 - 1977G. Bond
1977 - 1878K.A. Viewing1978 - 1979J.G. Urie
1979 - 1980E.R. Morrison(Zimbabwe-Rhodesia Branch) 
1980 - 1981C.J. Lenz(Zimbabwe Branch) 

*Professor Geoffrey Bond was concurrently President of the Geological Society of South Africa for 1971-1972.

A resolution for the dissolution of the Zimbabwe Branch was presented to the Council of the Geological Society of South Africa on 28th March, 1981 and the Inaugural Committee Meeting of the Geological Society of Zimbabwe was held on 17th August, 1981 under the chairmanship of J.G. Urie. 

The Founder Members of the Geological Society of Zimbabwe are R.P. Foster, A. Martin, E.R. Morrison, J.G. Urie and K.A. Viewing.  The elected Inaugural Committee for 1981-1982 was I.G. Anderson, T.J. Broderick, C.A. Castelin, R.P. Foster, A. Martin, E.R. Morrison, J.L. Orpen, P.A. Stidolph, V.R.C. Stocklmayer, J.G. Urie, K.A. Viewing and A.N. Ncube (co-opted).

1981 - 1982J.G. Urie1982 - 1983J.G. Urie
1983 - 1984F.C. Böhmke1984 - 1985O.K. Bwerinofa
1985 - 1986T.J. Broderick1986 - 1987A. Martin
1987 - 1988J.D. Kramers1988 - 1989A. Martin
1989 - 1990F.C. Böhmke1990 - 1991E.R. Morrison
1991 - 1992P. Bourhill1992 - 1993T.G. Blenkinsop
1993 - 1994T. G. Blenkinsop1994 - 1995B. Barber
1995 - 1996H. Munyanyiwa1996 - 1997J.L. Orpen
1997 - 1998P.H.G.M. Dirks1998 - 1999M.L. Vinyu
1999K.G. Chenjerai2000H.A. Jelsma
2001E. Muchemwa2002T.J. Broderick
2003A. Pahwaringira2004M.G. Hanssen
2005A. du Toit2006H.N. Gumbo
2007K. Musiwa2008C. Mwatahwa
2009F. Mugumbate2010D. Chatora
2011H. Bouammar2012F. B. Mupaya
2013H.N. Gumbo2014A. du Toit
2015A. Ait-Kaci2016B. Barber
2017M. Mabvira-Meck2018S. Duma
2019N. Chikandiwa2020E. Muchemwa 
2021R. Tirivabaya2022K. Mtetwa
2023T. Gumede  

Name in italics indicates that the Member is deceased.

Honorary Life Members

Dr A.C. ColvineProf. K. ErikssonMr E.R. Morrison
Prof. J.F. WilsonDr L.A. ListerProf. R.G. Park
Prof. E.G. NisbetProf. D.L. JonesProf. M.J. de Wit
Prof. J.D. KramersProf. K.A. ViewingMr T.J. Broderick
Prof. T. ZengeniProf. A. H. WilsonDr A. Martin
Mr D.E.H. MurangariDr F. PodmoreProf. T. Blenkinsop
Dr. S. MasterDr. M. PrendergastF. Mugumbate
Dr. H Jelsma  

The A.M. Macgregor Memorial Lectureship

1985J.F. WilsonA Craton and its Cracks
1987A.C. ColvineGenetic Models in Gold Exploration
1992K.A. ErikssonCrustal Growth, Surface Processes and Atmospheric Evolution of the Early Earth
1994R.G. ParkEarly Proterozoic Plate Tectonics - An Analogue for the Archaean?
1998E.G. NisbetThe influence of life on the face of the Earth 
2000M.J. de WitOld rocks act lies: that's why it is so
difficult to reconstruct what Earth
looked like long ago
2003J.D. KramersThe Limits of Uniformitarianism
2005T.J. Broderick130 Years of Regional Geological Mapping – Zimbabwe’s Heritage and a Challenge for the Future
2009A.H. WilsonEarth’s Earliest Volcanoes – an insight into planetary processes 3 billion years ago
2012T.G. BlenkinsopCratons, Mobile Belts and Gold Mineralisation
2016M.D. PrendergastNickel laterite deposits of the northern part of the Great Dyke: Geomorphology. Regolith stratigraphy, geochemistry, mineralogy, distribution and genesis
2019H. JelsmaA.M. Macgregor’s (1951) Gregarious Batholiths and a Tripartite Subdivision of the Greenstone Belt Stratigraphy - Exploring our Understanding of the Geological Evolution and Mineral Endowment of the Zimbabwe Craton
2022S. Master

Geological Evolution and Metallogeny of the Palaeoproterozoic Magondi Belt, Zimbabwe and Botswana

A.E. Phaup Award

Recipients of the A.E. Phaup Award for an author or authors who have made an important contribution, in any one year, to the geology of Zimbabwe by publication of a paper in a recognized scientific publication. 

1979J.F. Wilson "A Preliminary Reappraisal of the Rhodesian Basement Complex" Geol. Soc. S. Afr., Spec. Publ. 5, pp. 1 - 23.  
1980A. Martin, E.G. Nisbet & M.J. Bickle       "Archaean Stromatolites of the Belingwe Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe" Precambrian Research, 13 (4), pp. 337 - 362.   
1981No Award Made 
1982A.H. Wilson "The Geology of the Great 'Dyke', Zimbabwe:  The Ultramafic Rocks.  J. Pet., 23(2), pp. 240 - 292. 
1983M.K. Watkeys, M.P.R. Light & T.J. Broderick                      "A Retrospective View of the Central Zone of the Limpopo Belt, Zimbabwe" Geol. Soc. S. Afr., Spec. Publ. 8, pp. 65 - 80.
1984R.P. Foster (Ed)      "GOLD '82:  The Geology, Geochemistry and Genesis of Gold Deposits"  Geol. Soc Zim., Spec. Publ 1, 731 pp., A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam.     
1985No Award Made 
1986Foster, R.P., Mann, A.G., Stowe, C.W. and Wilson, J.F.        "Archaean gold mineralization in Zimbabwe" pp. 43-112 in C.R. Anhaeusser and S. Maske (Editors), Mineral Deposits of southern Africa, Vol. 1, Geol. Soc. S. Afr., Johannesburg. 
1987L.A. Lister "The Erosion Surfaces of Zimbabwe" Zim. geol. Surv, Bull. 90, 163 pp.   
1988No Award Made
1989M.D. Prendergast    " For his co-authorship of the first 3 papers in ‘Magmatic Sulphides - The Zimbabwe Volume’ and his editorship of that volume" 
1990J.D. Kramers and J.R. Ridley     "Can Archaean granulites be direct crystallization products from a siallic magma layer?" Geology, 17, pp. 442 - 445.
1991J.F. Wilson      “A craton and its cracks: some of the behaviour of the Zimbabwe block from the Late Archaean to the Mesozoic in response to horizontal movements, and the significance of some of its mafic dyke fracture patterns”  J. Afr. Earth Sciences, 10 (3), pp. 483 - 501.  
1992O. Gwavava, C.J. Swain, F. Podmore & J.D. Fairhead     "Evidence of Crustal Thinning beneath the Limpopo Belt and Lebombo Monocline of Southern Africa, based on Regional Gravity Studies, and Implications for the Reconstruction of Gondwana" Tectonophysics, 212, pp. 1 - 20.   
1993M.J. Bickle and E.G. Nisbet (Editors) with A. Martin and J.L. Orpen      "The Geology of the Belingwe Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe:  A Study of the Evolution of Archaean Continental Crust"  Geol. Soc. Zim., Spec. Publ. 2. A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam, 239pp.   
andA.H. Wilson.  “Geology of the Great Dyke, Zimbabwe: Crystallization, layering, and cummulate formation in the P1 Pyroxenite of Cyclic Unit 1 of the Darwendale Subchamber”  J. Petrol., 33, pp. 611 - 663. 
1994B. Goscombe, P. Fey & F. Both      "Structural Evolution of the Chewore Inliers, Zambezi Mobile Belt, Zimbabwe" J. Afr. Earth Sciences, 19, pp. 199 - 224.  
1995S.D.G. Campbell & P.E.J. Pitfield       "Structural Controls 
of Gold Mineralization in the Zimbabwe Craton – 
Exploration Guidelines"  Zim. geol. Surv., Bull. 101, 270 pp. 
1996H.A. Jelsma, M.L. Vinyu, P.J. Valbracht, G.R. Davies, J.R. Wijbrans & E.A.T. Verdurman      “Constraints on Archaean crustal evolution of the Zimbabwe Craton:  a U-Pb zircon, Sm-Nd and Pb-Pb whole-rock isotope study”  Contr. Min. Pet., 124, pp. 55-70.
1997H. Munyanyiwa, R.E. Hanson, T.G. Blenkinsop & P.J. Treloar      “Geochemistry of amphibolites and quartzofeldspathic gneisses in the Pan-African Zambezi Belt, northwest Zimbabwe:  evidence for bimodal magmatism in a continental rift setting” Precambrian Research, 81, pp. 179-196.
andM. Berger & H. Rollinson.       “Isotopic and geochemical evidence for crust-mantle interaction during late Archaean crustal growth”  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 61, pp. 4809-4829.  
1998B. Goscombe, R. Armstrong & J. Barton      “Tectonometamorphic evolution of the Chewore Inliers: partial re-equilibration of high-grade basement during the Pan-African orogeny”   J. Pet., 39, pp. 1347-1384.
1999M.L. Vinyu, R.E. Hanson, M.W. Martin, S.A. Bowring, H.A. Jelsma & P.H.G.M. Dirks      “U-Pb and Ar40/Ar39 Geochronological constraints on the tectonic evolution of the easternmost part of the Zambezi orogenic belt, north-east Zimbabwe” Precambrian Research, 98, pp. 67-82.
2000H.A. Jelsma & P.H.G.M. Dirks.      “Tectonic evolution of a greenstone sequence in northern Zimbabwe:  sequential early stacking and pluton diapirism”  Tectonics, 19, pp. 135-152.  
2001Blenkinsop, T.G. and Treloar, P.J.      “Tabular intrusion and folding of the late Archaean Murehwa Granite, Zimbabwe, during regional shortening”  J. geol. Soc. Lond., 158, pp. 653-664.
2004Prendergast, M.D.      “Contact relationships between the Koodoovale- and Manjeri-type lithostratigraphic units of the late Archaean Bulawayan Supergroup at Hunters Road, central Zimbabwe”  S. Afr. J. Geol., 107, pp. 325-332.
2005Barale, G., Bamford, M.K., Gomez, B., Broderick, T.J., 
Raath, M.A. & Cadman, A.    “A fossil peat deposit from 
the late Triassic (Carnian) of Zimbabwe with preserved 
cuticle of Pteridspermopsida and Gingoales, and its 
geological setting”  Palaeont. Afr., 41, pp. 89-100.  
2006Moore, A. and Moore, J.      “A glacial ancestry for the Somabula diamond-bearing alluvial deposit, central Zimbabwe”  S. Afr. J. Geol., 109, pp. 625-636.  
andMoyce, W., Mangeya, P., Owen, R. and Love, D.       “Alluvial aquifers in the Mzingwane Catchment: Their distribution, properties, current usage and potential expansion”  Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 31, pp.
2007Prendergast, M.D. and Wingate, M.T.D.     “Zircon geochronology and partial reinterpretation of the late Archaean Mashaba Igneous Complex, south-central Zimbabwe”  S. Afr. J. Geol., 110, pp. 585-596.  
2008Danielsen, J.E., Dahlin, T., Owen, R., Mangeya, P. and Auken, E.      “Geophysical and hydrogeologic investigation of groundwater in the Karoo stratigraphic sequence at Sawmills in northern Matabeleland”  Hydrogeology Journal, 15, pp. 945-960.  
2009Moore, A.E., Cotterill, F.P.D. (Woody), Broderick, T. and Plowes, D.  “Landscape evolution in Zimbabwe from the Permian to present, with implications for kimberlite prospecting” S. Afr. J. Geol., 112, (1) (March), pp. 65-88.  
2010Master, S., Bekker, A. and Hofmann, A.      “A review of the stratigraphy and geological setting of the Palaeoproterozoic Magondi Supergroup, Zimbabwe – Type locality for the Lomagundi carbon isotope excursion”   Precambrian Research, 182, pp. 254-273.
2011Rollinson, H. and Whitehouse, M.     “ The growth of the Zimbabwe Craton during the late Archaean: an ion microprobe U-Pb zircon study”  J. geol. Soc. Lond., 168, pp. 941-952.  
2012Prendergast, M.D. and Wingate, M.T.D.         “Zircon geochronology of late Archean komatiitic sills and their felsic country rocks, south-central Zimbabwe: a revised age for the Reliance komatiitic event and its implications.  Precambrian Research, doi:10.1016/j.precamres.2012.02.004, 20 pp. 
2013Prendergast, M.D.     “Landscape evolution, regolith formation and nickel laterite development in the northern part of the Great Dyke, Zimbabwe” S. Afr. J. Geol., 116 (2), pp. 219-240.    
2014Ranganai, R.     “Structural and subsurface relationships between the Fort Rixon – Shangani greentone belt and the Nalatale pluton, Zimbabwe, as derived from gravity and aeromagnetic data” S. Afr. J. Geol., 116 (2), pp. 
2015Key, R.M., Cotterill, F.P.D. and Moore, A.E.     “The Zambezi River: An archive of tectonic events linked to the amalgamation and disruption of Gondwana and subsequent evolution of the African Plate” S. Afr. J. Geol., 118 (4), pp. 425-438.  
2016Prendergast, M.D.     “The Snake’s Head Platinum Project – layering, PGE mineralization and deformation of the Musengezi Subchamber of the Great Dyke, Zimbabwe” S. Afr. J. Geol., 119 (2), pp. 305-328.
2017Chauque, F.R., Cordani, U.G., Jamal,D.L. and Onoe, A.T.  “The Zimbabwe Craton in Zimbabwe: A brief review of its geochronological pattern and its relation to the Mozambique Belt” J. Afr. Earth Sci’s. 129 (May), pp. 366-379.  
2018Viglietti, P.A., Barrett, P.M., Broderick, T.J., Munyikwa, D., MacNiven, R., Broderick, L., Chapelle, K., Glynn, D., Edwards, S., Zondo, M., Broderick, P. and Choiniere, J.N.    “Stratigraphy of the Vulcanodon type locality and its implications for regional correlations within the Karoo Supergroup”  J. Afr. Earth Sci’s. 137, pp. 149-156.  
2019Prendergast, M., Hollaway, J. (Editors), Nemasasi, W. (Champion), Stringer, R. (Copy Editor), Blenkinsop, T.G., Mugumbate, F., Viewing, K.A., Solberg, H.F., Maponga, O.J., Makwara, F., Kalenjeka, S., Mukwekwezeke, A.J., Musa, C.T. and Hawkins, A.M. (Contributors).   “Mining in Zimbabwe from the 6th to the 21st Centuries” Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe, 645 pp.  

Sciscio, L., Viglietti, P.A., Barrett, p.m., Broderick, T.J., Munyikwa, D., Chapelle, K.E.J., Dollman, K.N., Edwards, S.F., Zondo, M. and Choiniere, J.N.  2020.  Sedimentology and palaeontology of the Upper Karoo Group in the Mid-Zambezi Basin, Zimbabwe: new localities and their implications for interbasinal correlation.  Geological Magazine, https:// doi.org/10.1017/S0016756820001089   Cambridge University Press, 24pp. 

2021Not awarded
2022Griffin C.T., Wynd B.M., Munyikwa D., Broderick T.J., Zondo M., Tolan S., Langer M.C., Nesbitt S.J. and Taruvinga H.R  ‘Africa’s oldest dinosaurs reveal early suppression of dinosaur distribution.’
2023Gumsley A.P., de Kock M., Ernst R., Gumsley A., Hanson R., Kamo S., Knoper M., Lewandowski M., Luks B., Mamuse A. and Soderlund U.  ‘The Mutare-Fingeren dyke swarm: the enigma of the of the Kalahari Craton’s exit from supercontinent Rodinia’

Geoffrey Bond Award

The Geoffrey Bond Award is to the Geology Honours student who presents the best project report in the year preceding an Annual General Meeting.  The nomination is made by the Chairman of the Geology Department of the University of Zimbabwe.  Previously the Macgregor Medal had been awarded by the Head of Department.  

1983C.G. Carey"The geology of the area around and to the east of Mushandike Dam" 
1984C.D.B. Payne"The geology of the Gairezi sediments of the Umkondo Group in the Nyanga area with special reference to the structure and stratigraphy" 
1985K.G. Chenjerai"The geology of an area north of Mazoe Mine" 
1986C.M. Tsomondo"The geology of the greenstone-granite terrain between Adzwe Mine and St Joseph's School, Wedza" 
1987S. Mundondo"The geology of an area around Muchi River, Magondi Mobile Belt" 
1988C.T. Mhindu"Structural controls of gold mineralization and the geology of the Pink Reef Mine" 
1989D.M. Carr"The geology of the Freda Mine and mine area, Gwanda Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe.  A metallogenic and emplacement model" 
andF.C. Mujuru“Geological, geophysical and geochemical investigation of BIF-hosted gold mineralisation  around Lennox Mine, Mashava and the implications for gold exploration in BIF-hosted ore"
1990P.M.B.C. Mandoreba"The geology of the country around Pompeii Mine (SW of Shurugwi)" 
1991F.T. Nhiwatiwa"The geology, metamorphism, structure and gold mineralisation in and around Tiger Reef Mine, Kwe Kwe" 
1992M. Chivasa"Geology, metamorphism, structure and sulphide mineralisation potential in and around Shabanie Mine, Zvishavane" 
1993M. Makanza"The geology of an area around Chiswiti, north of Mount Darwin" 
andK. Ruswayi"The geology of the area around Isabella Mine: structural controls on gold mineralization" 
1994K. Chisi"The geology of the Gadzema Schist Belt: Tectonics and structural constraints on gold precipitation" 
andW. Mtisi"The geology of an area south of Rushinga" 
1995R.W.A. Tennant"A structural re-appraisal of the Chimanimani Mountains" 
andJ.A. van der Merwe"A structural re-appraisal of the geology about Dalny Mine, Chakari, with particular reference to gold mineralisation" 
1996G. Gundani"Metabasites and the tectonic evolution of the Northern Marginal Zone, Limpopo Belt" 
1997K. Danda"The geology, geochemistry and alteration patterns associated with the Maramba base metal (Cu-Pb-Zn) deposit:  implications for volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) exploration" 
1998B. Mangwiro"Characterising the source, type of placer accumulation and environmentally sustainable production of gold in the Angwa River, NW Zimbabwe" 
1999A. Mamuse"Geological, geochemical and petrogenic features of tantalum pegmatites:  a study of the Benson Mine area (NE Zimbabwe) and implications for tantalum exploration" 
2000B. Ruzive"An assessment of the contribution of mine dumps to siltation and environmental pollution by heavy metals in Mutorashanga, northern Great Dyke" 
2001G. Chinoda"Stratigraphic and structural relationships around Shabani:  implications on gold mineralisation" 
2004No Award 
2005No Award 
2006I.T. Nyamukondiwa“Geological mapping of the Great Dyke of Zimbabwe from Darwendale to Impinge – North Dyke (with emphasi s on seam characteristics and occurrence of the blank zones” 
2008C. Maramba“The geology and gold mineralization relationships between Shamva Danton Claims and Shamva Mine; could Danton be an extension of Shamva Mine orebody?” 
2009No Award 
2010No Award 
2011No Award 
2012No Award 
2013No Award 
2014No Award 
2015No Award 
2016P.A. Dinginya“Determining possible source rock/s for alluvial gold in Matsitsi River, Ayrshire Mine:  A Soil geochemical approach” 
2017P. Maradza“The effects of geological structures on ground stability at Ayrshire Mine, Banket, Zimbabwe” 
2018W. Magaza“Characterisation of mineralisation at Bubi Mine, implications for gold exploration” 
2019T. Kandemiri“Geology and gold mineralization styles of the Glenn High Prospect, Bulawayo Greenstone Belt” 
2020K. Moyo“Footwall splay faults: Implications to gold mineralization at How Mine, Bulawayo Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe”
2021G.  Kupeta

Petrography and depositional features of the Lower Argillaceous Series; Dunstan Farm, Chimanimani: Possible Charleswood Diamondiferous Grits extension

Mtshingwe Fault Zone associated alterations and implications on PGM mineralization of the Main Sulphide Zone.
2023T.  Mwagura

The Effect of the Paarl Fault on the Main Sulphide Zone, Selukwe Subchamber, Great Dyke


Jim Wilson Award

Jim Wilson Award – for the best Honours Project, Midlands State University

2021N.M. Gerema
2022R. Mavesera
2023M Mugwagwa


Mike Vinyu Award

Mike Vinyu Award – for the best geology student at the School of Mines, Bulawayo

2007Daniel Chavandora
2008Miss Nosizo
2009Lloyd Chiyamuchiko
2010Wiseman Chipangamate
2011Lawrence Poterai
2012Luckmore Chiteshe
2013Sarah Sindiso Masendeke 
2014Nyasha Natasha Chitsa 
2015Brian Tapuwa Chinheya
2016Bayanda Brian Moyo 
2017Alfred Chikandiwa
2018Blessing Jean Msipha
2019Godwill Mutukura  
2020No award (COVID19 restrictions)
2021W. Makwanya
2022M. Mupamhadz
2023J. K. Chakawa

Keith Viewing Award

Keith Viewing Award – for the best presentation at the Annual Summer Symposium

2008Mike Kellow.  Ultra-detailed Aeromagnetic surveys – new insights into the Perseverance Nickel Belt. 
2009Hillary Gumbo.  3D Earth Exploration. 
2010No Award – ZGS Centenary Symposium held.
2011Hillary Gumbo and Peter Bourhill.  Integrated exploration on a coal project in southern Zimbabwe. 
2012Dumisayi Mapundu.  Ground penetrating radar (GPR) as a ground monitoring system. 
2013Lovemore Chimuka.  Exploration techniques: Discovery of Sese and Murowa kimberlite fields. 
2014Freddy Chikwiri.  A comparison between the PGM mineralogy of the pristine sulphide and oxidized ores of the Wedza Subchamber, Great Dyke, Zimbabwe. 
2015Tenyears Gumede.  Geophysics of the ruby-bearing amphibolite gneisses – Montepuez Complex, Mozambique. 
2016Hillary Gumbo and Mark Tsomondo.  Ground magnetics and gold-camp scale structural controls at Mazowe Mine. 
2017Tim Broderick.  From Archosaurs to Dinosaurs. 
2018Tom Blenkinsop.  Tectonic Controls on the intrusion of the Great Dyke and the Bushveld Complex. 
2019Sharad Master.  Sijarira surprise!  Preliminary age data on detrital zircons from the Sijarira Group, western Zimbabwe reveals an unexpected Antarctica connection. 
2020No symposium due to COVID19
2021Brian Mapingere.  Structural constraints on the evolution of the south-eastern Mwanesi Greenstone Belt and adjacent granitoids, central Zimbabwe Craton: implications for gold mineralisation

Scott Maclennan. ‘High temperature thermochronology from the Paleoarchean eastern Pilbara craton and relevance to the granite-greenstone terranes of the Zimbabwe craton’


Godfrey Chagondah,  ‘The mineralogy and geochemistry of Archaean late-granite suites along the southern extent of the Zimbabwe Craton’