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View of The Upper and Lower African Surfaces, Mvurwi Section

Grid Ref (WGS84 Lat/Long in decimal degrees)

-16.678228, 30.867508
A road-side stop on the Horse Shoe Road which is off the road from Mvurwi to Guruve
Great Dyke Erosion Surfaces

A road-side stop between Mvurwi and Guruve to view the topography of the Mvurwi section from the south side.


Note the following:

1.       On the left is the markedly planar Lower African Surface dominated by a dissected mesa terrain at a cliff-top elevation of ca. 1525m.

2.       In the near- and middle-distance, the low granite plain and inselberg landscape to the south of the Great Dyke is the Post-African Surface. On the left is the isolated granite inselberg of Nyambari with a summit elevation of ca. 1500m, only slightly less than the Lower African Surface on the Great Dyke serpentinites to the rear.

On the right is the Upper African Surface, here dominated by rounded summits including Mvurwi Peak (1738m). 

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Further Reading: 
1) Zimbabwe Geological Survey Bulletin 90 - The Erosion Surfaces of Zimbabwe, L.A Lister 1987. 2) Landscape Evolution, Regolith Formation and Nickel Laterite Develoment in the Northern part of the Great Dyke, Zimbabwe, M.D. Prendergast. South African Journal of Geology, v. 116, i. 2, p. 219-240, December 2013
Author Credit: 
Martin Prendergast