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Summer Symposium 2016

The Summer Symposium was held on 25th November 2016 at the Geological Department at the University of Zimbabwe.
Isaac Kwesu,  CEO of Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe Official Opening  offically opened the symposium.
The program was as follows and abstracts can be uploaded from the list below:-
Isaac Kwesu -  CEO of Chamber of Mines:- Official Opening    
Temba Hawadi (Director of ZGS) - Zimbabwe Geological Survey’s Japanese assisted project
Jan Kramers (Keynote Speaker):- Adrift again: recent geochronology and paleomagnetics undermine a Neoarchean collision model for the Limpopo Belt    
Tony Martin:- Geology of the Pongola Greenstone Belt    
Mark Tsomondo:- Framing Himalayan-Tibetan style indenter-escape style collision for a Neoarchean Limpopo orogen and Zimbabwe craton since 2.75-2.74Ga    
Tendai Njila:-  On the distribution, morphology, chemistry and mineralogy of global laterites: Cuban and Zimbabwean scenarios    
Farirai Kambanje:- Mineral Resource estimation techniques for shallow dipping ore bodies – a case on the Great Dyke  
Forbes Mugumbate:- Geomythology: Zimbabwean examples    
Hilary Gumbo & Mark Tsomondo:- Groundmagnetics and gold-camp scale structural controls at Mazowe Mine    
Tenyears Gumede:- The relevance of GIS techniques to resources evaluation - A project on archive data from Zimbabwe
Mike Kirstein:- Drones - the big picture for geology    
Renias Tirivabaya:- Condition driven operating and planning standards at medium sized gold mine    
Nhamo Manenji:- What to Expect as an Exploration Geologist    
Tony Martin:- Summary