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Alex du Toit Memorial Lecture 2014 - Professor Nic Beukes

Every two years, the Fellows Committee of the Geological Society of South Africa invite an esteemed academic researcher to present the Alex du Toit Memorial Lecture to Branches and Divisions of the GSSA, and to associated societies in neighbouring countries. 
The objective of the lecture series is to assist researchers of international repute to travel to our branches and divisions to deliver a lecture in their specific field of research that will be of interest to most geologists, as well as to honour the life work of Alex du Toit.
This year Professor Nic Beukes, University of Johannesburg, South Africa was selected to deliver a talk on 
“Origins and paleoenvironmental significance of Precambrian sedimentary iron and manganese deposits with special reference to the history of free oxygen in the ocean and atmosphere”
The talk which was held on 27th October 2014 was attended by 30 members and students.
Thank you to The Assmang Limited (www.assmang.co.za) for sponsorig the event.
On the day before the talk, the soceity visited Recliff  and Ripple Creek and Orpheus Mines under the guidance of Charles Castelin.  The visit was well attended by approximately 90 people including 60 students.