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AGM 2020

The 2020 AGM was held at 1700 hours on 28th February 2020 at Kia Ora Lodge, 60 Knightsbridge Road, Newlands, Harare.
 The following agenda was dicussed:
 1. Convening of Meeting
 2. Obituaries  and Minute of Silence
 3. Apologies
 4. Minutes of Previous AGM
    -Consideration and approval of the minutes
   -Matters arising not covered  elsewhere in the agenda
 5. Chairman’s Statement – Ellah Muchemwa for Nevison Chikandiwa -  see presentation below
 6. Treasurer’s report – Collins Mwatahwa -  see presentation below.
        6.1 Subscription Rates
 7. Any Other Business
 8. Announcement of the next committee 2020 – 2021 -  Ellah Muchemwa
9. Talk  by Guest Speaker - Geology for the Birds?  Andrew du Toit
10. Awards and Presentations
   -Phaup Award -  Most significant contribution to a better understanding of the geology of Zimbabwe in 2019 went to - 
Editors and lead authors M.D. Prendergast & J. Hollaway, Champion W.Z. Nemasasi,  Copy Editor R. Stringer, T. G. Blenkinsop, F. Mugumbate, K. A. Viewing, H.F. Solberg, O.J. Maponga, F. Makwara, S. Kalenjeka, A. Mukwekwezeke, C.G.A. Castelin, P. Markham, V. & S. Stocklmayer, A.J. du Toit, C.T. Musa, A.M. Hawkins 
for  ‘Mining in Zimbabwe -  From the 6th to the 21st Centuries’
   -Vinyu Award  - Best Zimbabwe School of Mines Student 2019 - Godwill Mutukura
   -Viewing Award - Best Presentation 2019 Summer Symposium - Sharad Master  for ‘Sijarira surprise! Preliminary age data on detrital zircons from the Sijarira Group, western Zimbabwe, reveals an unexpected Antarctica connection’
   -Bond Award - Best Honours Project at UZ in 2019 - Tawanda Kandemiiri