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Summer Symposium 2015

The Summer Symposium was held on 20th November 2015 at Caribbea Bay -  Kariba and attended by 45 members.
The Director of the Zimbabwe Geological Survey Temba Hawadi officially opened the symposium.
The program was as follows and abstracts can be uploaded from the list below:-
Welcome Ali Ait-Kaci,  Society Chairman 
Official Opening Temba Hawadi,  Director of Geological Survey
Professional Status and the Geological Society of Zimbabwe Andrew du Toit
The vanished orogeny: Geochronology of Palaeoproterozoic “basement” gneisses of the Kariba and adjacent areas, western Magondi Belt (Zimbabwe and Zambia) Sharad Master (Keynote)
Impact of hydrothermal solutions on the world economy Tony Martin
Implications for the extent of the Zimbabwe Craton, from U-Pb zircon geochronology of the Dete-Kamativi Inlier (NW Zimbabwe) and the Choma-Kalomo Block, of SE Zambia. Sarah Glynn
Ruby Bearing Amphibolitic Gneisses - Montepuez Complex, Mozambique Tenyears Gumede
Kariba - 60 Years Since Inception.  A Geological and Geotechnical Review Tim Broderick
Waterberg Pt deposit, update Gordon Chunnett
Challenges in the interpretation of luminescence dating of quartz grains in the Kalahari environment. Andy Moore
Summary Sharad Master