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Macgregor Memorial Lecture 2019 - Hielke Jelsma

On Friday 17th May 2019,  Hielke Jelsma delivered the 2019 Macgregor Memoral Lecture to 60  people including members of the Society and the public. The event was held in the Geology Department lecture hall at the University of Zimbabwe.  
A.M. Macgregor’s (1951) Gregarious Batholiths and a Tripartite Subdivision of the Greenstone Belt Stratigraphy: Exploring our current Understanding of the Geological Evolution and Mineral Endowment of the Zimbabwe Craton.
The presentation can be downloaded below.
Dr Jelsma also delivered the Macgregor Memorial Lecture to members of the society and the public in Bulawayo on the 15th May 2019 at the Zimbabwe School of Mines.