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Summer Symposium 2022

The Summer Symposium was held in the Innovation Hub Auditorium, University of Zimbabwe on 21st October 2022 and attended by 80 members and 40 students.
Copies of the presentations can be found below:-
Welcome - Kennedy Mtetwa -  Geological Society Chair
Official Opening - Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Paul Mapfumo
High temperature thermochronology from the Paleoarchean eastern Pilbara craton and relevance to the granite-greenstone terranes of the Zimbabwe craton -Scott Maclennan
Tectonic evolution of the south-eastern Mesoarchaean Mwanesi Greenstone Belt: implications for the construction of the Zimbabwe Craton - Brian Mapingere
Zoning in Archaean Li-Cs-Ta pegmatites from the Bikita field: Implications to rare-metals exploration - Godfrey Chagondah
“Dem Bones, Dem Bones” - Zimbabwe makes Palaeo-history - a Review - Tim Broderick
Digital transformation in Mining - Patrick Weeden
Cloud Mining: Lessons from a parallel universe - Kingray Gowera
The use of Virtual Reality to promote effective training in the education of Geological Sciences - Tinotenda Chimbwanda
Summary - Brent Barber
The abstracts can be found at