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Macgregor Memorial Field Trip 2019 - Hielke Jelsma

Saturday, 18 May, 2019
During this one‐day field trip we will: 
‐ Explore the extraordinary geology of the Shamva greenstone belt with classic outcrop localities along the Mazowe River. 
‐ Discuss three deposit styles: magmatic‐hosted Ni‐Cu, epigenetic gold and VHMS Cu‐Pb‐Zn. 
‐ Discuss  our  understanding  of  the  greenstone  belt  stratigraphy  and  of  the  basement  terrain, following on from the Macgregor Memorial Lecture. 
Depart from University of Zimbabwe Geology Department at 06:30 hrs. 
Stop 1. 31.457°E, ‐17.569°S. Rutope Ultramafic Complex with Tipparary Ni‐Cu Claims. 
Stop 2. 31.543°E, ‐17.382°S. Lower Shamvaian Group volcaniclastic sediments and porphyries. 
Stop 3. 31.457°E, ‐17.569°S Lower Shamvaian Group rocks east of Shamva (Ashkirk claims). 
Stop 4. 31.60105°E, ‐17.26753°S. Upper Shamvaian Group rocks along Mazowe River transect. 
Stop 5. 31.84513°E, ‐17.15078°S. Upper Bulawayan Group rocks along Mazowe River transect. NOTE: They charge USD5/p/d and a community fee of RTGS2/p/d
Expected total distance = 300 km. Outcrops are a short walk from the vehicles.